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Title Vanung University won gold medal in 2016 Artisan Festival
Date 2017-02-06
Yeh Yu-yen won the gold medel for cake decorating in 2016 Artisan Festival “Fondant is my dream,” said firmly Yeh. She has been lost in this lovely charming world ever since she touched fondant for the first time last September. Although learning this skill costs a great deal and requires constant efforts, she firmly moves forward, hoping to make a difference. In the 2016 Artisan Festival held in Korea on September 24, Yeh won the gold medel in cake docorating for her work, A Dream Wedding. This is her fourth gold medel. The other three gold medels include one in the 2016 KAFC, one in the 2016 KICC, and one in the 2016 ITFBC. In the 2016 Artisan Festival, Yeh won the award for her subtlety and creativity. Her theme, a dream wedding, stated a girl’s wish for a wonderful wedding as well as her worry about a vanashing fantasy. When it came to the four competitions this year, Yeh said she would always beat her brains to conceive ideas, and when she had new ideas, she would discuss with her instructor, Ms. Chen Ming-li. After constant modifications and creative thinking, she began to make candy figures. As fondant is most frequently used for weddings, Yeh created a girl’s dream cake decorating via a Tiffany blue high-heel shoes and a romantic wedding. Her motivation for international events came from the combination of interest and competition. It was not easy to beat all the other strong contestants.Yeh’s instructor, Ms. Chen Ming-li, indicated that Yeh followed her everywhere to sharpen her skills of sugar pulling. Constant practice , subtle skills, and patience are what enable Yeh to achieve well. Besides, the instructor has been in Yeh’s company, which gives her a sense of security. This is also the idea of master-apprentice system that VNU has been emphasing and the Department of F & B Management fully executing. Ms. Chen further said that all the teachers in her department treat their students even better than their own children. Yeh thanked Ms. Chen for giving her ideas and suggestions so that she could perform well in competitions. She also appreciated her father’s full support in training on cake decorating. Besides, she gave more thanks to President Chuang and Chairman Liao for helping her bravely go for her dream of opening a baking studio. Moreover, Yeh mentioned that through international competitions, she can watch and learn from other contestants in terms of cooking as well as testing her skill and mentality, proving that a vocational school student can make history. President Chuang indicated that Yeh won NT$400000 scholarship as an outstanding freshman. The Department of Food and Beverage Management emphasizes especially skill training. Through one on one master-apprentice system, students grow well and fast, building up self-confidence. As Vanung University is located in the so-called aerotropolis, students stand a good chance to do their internship in many prestigious organizations via school-enterprise cooperation projects. The Department of F & B Management fully carries out the fourth year internship system and helps connect students perfectly with the related industry so they can work right after graduation, creating the win-win situation.
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