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Title International students all praised the Youbike-riding tour in Taoyuan
Date 2017-01-19
Vanung University held a launch ceremony at Youbike rental station on November 30th 2016. The rental station is the nearest station to Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station in Zhongli District of Taoyuan City, but also the farthest station from the Zhongli Train Station. This station is a riding relay point from the Zhongli Train Station to Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station. Riding along the way from Vanung University to Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station, you can see the beautiful scenery, which is a good place for holiday outing.

Without international driver's licenses, International students in Taiwan could not drive cars and ride motorcycles, so they could only take buses and taxies to travel around. Now, there is a Youbike rental station at Vanung University, it is only 5-minute ride to MetroWalk Shopping Center, 10-minute ride to Zhongli SOGO Department Store, and 15-minute ride to Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station, which is convenient for international students to travel to the attractions of Taoyuan.

Since July 25th this year, Taoyuan mayor Zheng, Wen-can announced, " Before June, in 2017, 130 rental stations with a total of 2800 public bicycles will be installed in the city". International students at Vanung University are all looking forward to it. Especially Vanung University has the largest number of international students, 338 international students, as well as 140 students from PRC, among all the Universities of science and technology. Usually the majority of international students take buses or taxies to the downtown areas of Zhongli. However, the bus routes are fixed, and the fees for taxi travel are high, so most of the students can only travel to the urban tourist attractions in Zhongli. But the cultural and historical attractions and natural scenery of the suburbs of Zhongl were rarely visited by the international students. Natural landscapes are near Vanung University and a canal passes through the south of the rear gate of the university. Students can ride bikes along the Canal toward the southwest to the National Central University, traveling along the green LOHAS riding route, listening to gurgling water with a quiet and calm mind, and seeing the flower blossoms during the Festoon Festival.

The Sports Office, Office of Students Affairs, Vanung University held the " Vanung University cycling tours in Taoyuan" activity on 30th. Totally 50 Taiwanese students, 5 international students, and 5 Chinese students signed up for it enthusiastically. Under the guidance, they experienced the 10-km riding fun together along the ways passing through the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium, and Taoyuan High-speed Railway Station. The starting point for the riding routes is Vanung University, passing through the path of the fields to the Sinsen Road, the Linhan South Road, the Linhan North Road, and rested for a while at the Chiashi Road (Geen Pond Garden). Later they returned to Vanung University through Chingpu Road, passing through the path of the fields. By means of this activity, the university can familiarize the students, international students with the roads nearby the campus and the information of bicycle-riding safety.

Due to the development of science and technology, the innovation of 3C products changes the life styles of young students. Currently, they lack exercises and opportunities to walk into the natural environments. By means of bicycle-riding activity, Vanung University promotes outdoor leisure sports in order to cultivate the correct concepts of exercise and encourage students to walk into the nature. By way of safety propaganda, students will pay attention to the outdoor sports safety and hence reduce the accidents that might happen to them.
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