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Title Vanung University and Majeo University of Thailand Exchanging Experiences in International Student Affairs
Date 2017-01-16
A visiting team of 49 persons from Maejo University of Thailand (MUT), led by Vice President Dr. Weerapon Thongma, visited Vanung University (VNU) to exchange experiences in international student affairs.
They attended a meeting hosted by President Zhuang Chang. Right before the meeting, as an opening activity, VNU Mixology Club gave an eyes-catching opening performance.

VNU is the only university of science and technology in Taoyuan Aerotropolis. In VNU, there are more than 500 foreign students so that VNU obtained the number one place among all private universities of science and technology in Taiwan. Furthermore, there are about 7000 students attending the College of Tourism, Hospitality and Management, which represents the biggest college of tourism in Taiwan.

Considering that there are more than 20 million tourists visiting Thailand annually, VNU views MUT as a helpful partner for exchanging experiences and for advocating “1+3 Cooperation Program for Tourism Profession”. Currently, 40 students from Thailand as the first batch of personnel coming to Taiwan were studying in the Department of Tourism and Leisure Management of VNU, majoring tourism and Chinese, and graduated from VNU in June 2016.

In the 2016 graduation ceremony, MUT’s President Dr. Chamnian Yosraj and Vice President Dr. Weerapon Thongma both were invited to VNU as VIPs. Both of them have visited Taiwan several times before and endorse the big efforts put by VNU in the education of tourism and business management, the achievements in advocating internationalized education, and the planned connection with new education policy of Taiwan government for going southward.

Personnel from MUT went to VNU for the purpose of exchanging experiences in international student affairs. VNU arranged the students from MUT currently studying in VNU shared their life experiences on campus. In addition, VNU also invited Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Zhieng Shieng-Guang to share his experiences in student affairs, and arranged students of Student Union to share their experiences in handling student clubs.

In this event, personnel from both universities enjoyed comprehensive and earnest interaction in many concerned aspects.
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