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Title Orientation BBQ for International Students in Mid-Autumn Festival
Date 2016-10-21
Although Tyhphoon "Meranti" bears down on Taiwan, it does not ruin Taiwan Mid-Autumn festival fun. The moon still hangs brightly in the sky above the northern and western side of the island during Mid-Autumn Festival this year.
In order to allow foreign students to experience the particular customs and culture of Taiwan during Mid-Autumn Festival, Vanung University holds an outdoor barbecue event in a relaxed and happy atmosphere for all foreign students. Taiwan teachers and students share the joy together and hope to reduce those overseas students’ homesickness while living abroad.
Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival celebrated by ethnic Chinese, and the concepts of the festival spirit are for lunar appreciation and moon watching, as well as to reunite with friends and families, especially for those who are residing far away from home. But what many foreign students wondered about this custom is, Why Barbecue?
This may date back to several years ago, a soy sauce manufacturer advertised its product on TV, and its catchy slogan says, “ The smell of barbecued food pervades ten thousand households.” It set the trend since then and barbecue become a must-do for most people during mid autumn. Besides, various discounts and great deals on grilling gadgets and barbecue food are strongly promoted by the retailers. Because of the commercial stimulation, barbecue has become one of the distinguishing characteristics of the festival activities; family and friends coming together, watching the moon.
Dean of students affairs said that VNU school teachers and students are all well prepared to receive these foreign students cordially, so that these foreign students can concentrate on learning in Taiwan, and their families far abroad can rest assured.

Right after the school starts, the freshmen orientation, welcoming forum, as well as the Mid-Autumn reunion barbecue events and other activities are held so that foreign students can assimilate easily into the way of life in Taiwan. Not only reading thousands of books but also traveling thousands of miles [Chinese proverb], overseas students are encouraged to make best use their spare time to travel around Taiwan and to experience the essence of the diverse culture on the island and enrich their learning experience during their years of study
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