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Title President Chuang Meets with Foreign Students to Start the Semester
Date 2013-03-18
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Dr. Thomas Chuang, President of Vanung University, met with foreign students on March 5 to kick-off the semester for the foreign student programs. The foreign student body consists of more than 100 students from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Accompanied by the Vice President, deans, department chairs, and professors, Dr. Chuang discussed some issues with the students and encouraged them to interact more often with their local fellow students and explore Taiwan’s culture during their stay.

To be more precise, there are 106 foreign students studying in Vanung University this semester, including some graduate students from China (respectively from Sanjiang University, Zhongshan Polytechnic College, Jiangsu Institute of Economic and Trade Technology and Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College), some from Malaysia on the Overseas Youth Technical Program, as well as some students in the degree-earning programs from Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China.

“There is a saying which goes: He that travels far knows much,” remarked Dr. Chuang at the gathering, “you are from different countries and regions. It is admirable that, in this golden stage of life, you left your hometown and came to Taiwan in pursuit of knowledge. I sincerely welcome you and congratulate you on your having chosen Vanung University.”

“Vanung University is recognized by the MOE of Taiwan as a university of excellence in teaching and learning,” Dr. Chuang went on, “and VNU is in the neighborhood of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis and the eight industrial parks nearby. This offers us great opportunities to interact with business and industry in practical teaching activities. You are provided with versatile learning opportunities here. Whether you are in short-term programs or formal degree-earning programs, you are advised to take opportunities to interact with the local students and share the enthusiastic and rich Taiwanese culture here. I hope you will have many fond memories before you leave.’

The Vice President also told the foreign students that VNU offered a variety of programs during the day, in the evening and on the weekend with many courses to choose from. Professors, mentors, and counselors would always be there to help out. The foreign students would be studying in a relaxed environment and should have a happy stay here.

At the end of the gathering, a simple lunch was served. The foreign students and the professors talked over the meal to discuss their adjustment to college life in Taiwan. Students from various countries and regions raised some issues regarding course selection, classroom activity and campus life, and the professors helped them with prompt solutions on the spot.
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